I thought cryathon and cryathon 2.0 were going to be 2 different things?

edit: oh,hey, man, no problem, no one gives me this info on whats going on OnO I just thought….'are we merging again?' 'are we gonna start this group thing back up?' 'whats goin on?' Im just….confused

I mean

It’s confusing enough that we have the same name…

  1. muggcat said: Well I was just planning out a cryaotic marathon, but I guess I’ll just keep it in the 2.0 tag for the sake of not confusing anyone.
  2. vistaples said: maybe he’s trying to invite both? i know there was talk of a dual cryathon stream thing a while ago but i dunno
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    Oh sorry, didn’t mean to tag cryathon. Lemme go fix that.
  4. nevermorex said: I thought so too but Muggs keeps trying to combine them.
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